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November 28th, 2008: older is nice..

if you are joining us for the first time, this is what our website looked like a long long time ago, it saw many re-designs over the course of the years, and this layout is pretty much the building blocks for everyother subsite we ever made (go check out outrages mages for yourself).

this is a very dummed down version of the site, we use to have a history section, about how this alll came to be, we had profiles for all of the idiots in me6. we have the old videos section with everything we ever did (including b-sides), just check it out if your bored

basically, we had a lot of fun, and i think the last time we ever made a me6 style video was in... 2003? so its been 5 years or so, no use for the videos to be deleted, so we keep them on here for your viewing pleasure!

rest assured we are still doing stuff, its not this "STUNT" stuff at all, its very different, but we are still fucking wicked.

any questions or comments just send off an email to, if your email is going to tell us how gay/lame we are.... please bother! we love to hear it!

(just a quick note, while adding all of the videos to the video section, i noticed there were a bunch we didnt have included on the site we made prior to this... so.. do some hunting theres plenty that have not been seen around for years!)


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