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July 18, 2006 [Steve Moustache]

Episode 0 is now here. I came back from the past, and I made this episode with all of my love. Episode 0...... IN REAL TIME TRAVEL. Travel yourself to the episode section and check it out. EPISODE 0... TELL YOUR FRIENDS, because we like when people watch this......

Steve Moustache

May 29, 2006 [Steve Moustache]

I can promise you that my time travel has been a complete success. I have been back, and forth. I have created quite a thing. Episode 0 is well underway, and when I choose not to time travel, I (Steve Moustache) am HARD at work on it. It wont be too much longer, but I can assume some become restless. I have created a journal for my first day of time travelling. Please enjoy it.


Steve Moustache

April 4, 2006 [Steve Moustache]

The past holds many things that we have not seen. The past holds things that we did not know. The past holds things that will make you think. The past holds things that make us think. The present holds certain ways to find this past. When the past comes, we will see things from the past that are new to us. Time travel brings many wonders to the world. A time travelling solider by the name of Steve Moustache will bring you more than he ever wanted too. Was "6" the end? He once thought it might be, but he thinks that "0" and #'s prior to "0" could be far more exciting than anyone could have ever anticipated.

click the time machine

Steve Moustache

January 6, 2006 [Steve Moustache]

THE STACHE IS BACK! and in a big way, the next chapter in the Steve Moustache saga is here! Episode 6 : Return Of The 'Stache


The last episode of Moustache came out in late July..... WHATS WRONG WITH US? We LOVE this stuff, and we hope you like it! Its a Christmas episode, and its NOT a second late either.

The production of Episode 7 has already started, and its turning into a work of art.... tasty art....

See you soon..... ;)

Steve Moustache

September 6, 2005 [Steve Moustache]

Everyones going back to school, or continuing to work. We made a short video to update you all on whats going on with the next episode of Steve Moustache (Episode 6 : Return Of The 'Stache)



for now, go and read some EROTIC FAN FICTION

Steve Moustache

July 25, 2005 [Steve Moustache]

I Steve Moustache declare that Episode 5 of THE STEVE MOUSTACHE SHOW is up and ready to be watched.... and loved

In my spare time I made a picture, here it is :

Steve Moustache merch is on its way, so keep checking back for that. Episode 6 is already being worked on, and will be out sometime in August.

Steve Moustache

July 12, 2005 [Steve Moustache]

Steve is here!

There have been some people wanting to download the theme to my show, "the steve moustache show". So here it is, right click the stache here and save the file to your computer.

The Charge - Awesome Song - AKA The Steve Moustache Theme
**EDIT** the song DOES work, the song beings 4:20 into the song**EDIT**

New episode (Episode 5 : The 'Stache Strikes Back) is being worked on as we speak, and should be up before the end of THIS month!

Steve Moustache

June 07, 2005 [Steve Moustache]




Steve Moustache

May 28, 2005 [Steve Moustache]

Hey everyone, The Steve Moustache Show is a hit.

I have some news, the PSP links are finally working again, it took 19 hours to finally get it right, but they are working, so you put those videos on your PSP and show your friends.

EP-IV of the Steve Moustache show is going to be a little different than I planned. The "Moustache" Episode has to be dropped for the time being, but hopefully will show it self someday. The reason for the delay is because my camera is a little broken (my good one) so I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go back to NOT good quality, because Steve Moustache IS good quality. BUT that wont stop me, I am working away on EP-IV of the show, and when I figure out when I can release it, I will make it PUBLIC!

ps. I just took a shit. Here is a photo of it (if you look close enough, it looks like a Bear is hugging a tree! enjoy) **CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHIT I JUST TOOK**

Steve Moustache

May 3, 2005 [Steve Moustache]

The day is finally here!

The Steve Moustache Show - Episode III : Revenge of the 'Stache is now ready for all of your downloads! I have been hard at work on this episode of the show, so I hope you all enjoy it.

In my spare time I put together an "Episode Guide". You can find out where your FAVOURITE Steve Moustache clip is located. CHECK IT OUT!

Episode 4 of The Steve Moustache show is titled "A New 'Stache" (Keeping with the theme of Star Wars) Episode 4 will be entirely dedicated to moustaches!!!! When I have a release date for that episode, I will be sure to let you all know!

**NOTICE** Everyone grow out your moustaches!!!

Steve Moustache

April 28, 2005 [Adam]

Moustaches everywhere! Steve Moustache seems to be a hit!

Exactly 2 weeks before Star Wars - Episode III : Revenge of the Sith is out in theaters, you can watch the new Steve Moustache Show titled
The Steve Moustache Show - Episode III : Revenge of the 'Stache

So mark that day on your calenders (Thursday, May, 5th, 2005) and be prepared to enjoy the hell out of the next episode
Keep telling your friends, keep the moustache alive forever!


April 25, 2005 [Adam]


Tell your friends, because this moustache business is something out of this world! We have 2 episodes up for our "launch" each time we work on a new episode, they keep getting better and better, so stick around, and stick with us! Episodes are going to be around 5 minutes (give or take).

Each episode is going to be filled with complete randomness, so if you have ADD this is for you. And for those who have one of those new fancy PSP's (PSP) then you can put "The Steve Moustache Show" right onto your PSP's so you can show it to your friends!

Episode 3 is almost near completion, and when it's ready, its going to blow you all away!

Also, we are on the famous with our very own Myspace account (the link is just off to your left)

Spread the word on the Moustache!


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